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  • Gelato Line Ltd

    Founded in the early 2011 Gelato Line is an importer and distributor of semi-finished products and main ingredients for gelato and ice cream producers, like bases, supplements, cream and fruit pastes, rippling sauces, coverings, toppings, grains and many more.
    We constantly research products to satisfy customers requirements.
    We provide our customers with constant technical support, enabling them to benefit from the continuous innovations involved in this industry.
    If you are an existing business and looking to improve or evolve your production processes or facilities look no further. Our training team will work alongside your organisation with the brief to raise gelato or ice cream production standards.
    Gelato Line can provide comprehensive on-site training at your site or at our dedicated training facilities.

  • Graham Tyson

    Graham Tyson

    With over 48 years' experience in supplying packaging for the ice cream, dairy, food & industrial sectors, you can count on us to be the perfect choice in meeting your needs & requirements. We pride ourselves on delivering high quality products with unrivalled customer service. Our own fleet of vehicles, short lead times and an experienced comprehensive team including designated Area Managers and Internal Sales team, you can trust us to go above and beyond to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Call, email or visit our website today to place your enquiry.

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