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Marvin Benton Awards – Congratulations to Tony Federici

Congratulations to Tony Federici, here we share some touching words from his Daughter. 

“We are delighted that dad has been nominated for this prestigious award. He is truly the most wonderful man and father (we know we’re biased) and he has dedicated his entire life to ice cream. It’s literally in his, and now our, blood. How wonderful that we might be able to share how great he is with the world.

As a father, dad taught us many things. Family (as well as ice cream) is his heart. He taught us good values for life and business and taught us strong work ethics. He showed us the meaning of hard work and how passion and commitment are at the centre of every decision and every single thing we do. He taught us results and success come from being consistent with working hard and passion. Through his hardwork in the ice cream business, from his years on the vans and in the factory, he showed all of us that to succeed in life we must work together, support each other and share our love and successes with each other. He is the epitome of the strength of the family bond.

He was never wasteful in his manufacturing, he showed us how to be careful whilst being innovative. He strived to forge a new way, to create our own path, to find the new thing, the latest tastes, the newest production strategies and yet never to forget when we are, who we are and what we could become. 

In his younger years, he was known for being Mr Charisma! He knew all the children on his van rounds and had nicknames for them all – though he called us all, his own children, Fred! People came to the van, not just for his ice cream, but for the banter. He always had a new joke (we would roll our eyes) but he’d always make people laugh. He still does – he’s the King of Dad Jokes! He is still well-known around the town and loved by everyone!”


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