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Peppered Palette Ltd

Peppered Palette was born in the USA when founded by Todd Guiton in 1994 to provide unique and tasty additions for those who like it spicy. He started out making spicy-sweet cheesecakes and zesty cheese spreads for co-workers. They encouraged him to share his products with others and he started a small bakery in Flintstone, Georgia in 1996.

Today, Peppered Palette is a family-owned business relaunched in 2023 in Lancaster, UK with a line of sweet and spicy sauces. Not just another hot sauce, Toad Sweat is the original dessert hot sauce. Initially developed as an ice cream topper, the unique flavours give it many savoury uses as well. 

Their five varieties – Kickin’ Key Lime, Zingin’ Cranberry, Tinglin’ Orange, Zippin’ Lemon and Punchin’ Pineapple are available for food service use in 1 litre and 2.5 litre containers. The sauces are gluten free, vegan friendly and made with all natural ingredients. 

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  • White Cross Business Park
  • 3-2-1B Storey House • South Road
  • Lancaster
  • LA1 4XQ
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