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150 Alba Iulia
Sibiu 550052
Phone: +40269208037
Fax: +40269208035

Company profile

As a customer-oriented company, we are focused on developing exclusive and tailor-made solutions for every partner, made to fit and satisfy even the most demanding needs. CremoLinea offers a complete range of flavorings, bases, variegate, specialties and toppings for gelato and pastry, and also for industrial ice cream. We’re always looking for innovative products, aiming to give our customers inspiration, ideas and concepts to help them achieve the long-awaited successful business.

Our export program offers complete solutions for ice cream producers:

concentrated pastes for continuous freezers

classic, sweet and fruity flavoring pastes for batch freezers

stabilizing-emulsifying systems and structure improvers

artisanal ice cream bases

special powder products

creamy&crunchy variegato and ripples

sweet&fruity variegato and ripples

toppings and syrups

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