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Antonelli Bros Ltd

The only waffle cones made in the UK, plus world class ingredients for making ice cream & gelato from leading Italian suppliers.

The Antonelli family has been in the industry for over 100 years. We take great pride in manufacturing our own ice cream cones in the UK and have always created ‘Cones for the Connoisseur’, making our own wafer, sugar, Smoothy® and waffle cones at our bakery in Manchester.


Our exclusive Italian partners Comprital & Martini supply a wide range of ice cream ingredients. We also have our very own GELPRO range – including pastes, ripples and stabiliser products created with the passion of Italy, but designed especially for the UK ice cream market. For assistance in perfecting your ice cream making processes and recipes see our dedicated training website where you can see our selection of ice cream training courses.


  • +441617894485
  • Soapstone Way,
  • Irlam
  • Manchester
  • M44 6RA


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