Soapstone Way Irlam
Manchester M44 6RA
United Kingdom
Phone: 01617 894485

Company profile

FUDGIES were new in 2018 bringing quality and low cost, For 2019 we have several items that we are making here at the Antonelli Bakery.

Antonelli are The leading UK Cone Manufacturer, with the experience of over 100yrs, Only a few bakers of wafer cones remain but did you know that Antonelli are the ONLY UK manufacturer of sugar & waffle cones including SMOOTHY cones, as well as disc wafers which mostly are used with our secret printing system developed to enable us to cost effectively print large & small (180 wafers) quantities of wafers. Have you tried CHEEKY MONKEY cones yet?

MEC3 ingredients for Gelato/Ice Cream are the the most popular in the World. They bring a vast range of innovative and traditional flavour conentrates and variegati with the greatest depth of quality. The range of Emulsifiers/Stabiliser base products we stock of MEC3 cover everything from Hot to cold process, low to high dosage.

Also have available: Chocolate ingredients, Sprinkles, Pans and Tubs.

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