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  • Kanegrade

    Kanegrade Logo

    KANEGRADE is a leading supplier of natural ingredients to food, pharmaceutical, flavour and beverage manufacturers both in the UK and World-wide. 

    Giving you the right ingredients for a successful launch: choose from our range of over 18,000 ingredients, or let us make suggestions which work perfectly in your application, drawing on our extensive experience in the ingredient industry. 

    Following approval we fulfil your order based on our core values of market-beating prices, peace-of-mind supply security and customer-focused service. We ensure ingredients arrive on-time at your manufacturing facility with full documentation ready for your next production run.

  • Kerrymaid


    Kerrymaid Angelito has been enjoyed by consumers for more than 40 years. As part of the Kerrymaid brand portfolio, the products offer the creamy taste of real Irish dairy. You can be assured of the highest quality and product innovation from a trusted company renowned for its dairy heritage.

    The much-loved flavour of Kerrymaid Angelito Ice Cream Mix gives the highest cone yield per case, maximising profit margins. Kerrymaid offers a wide range of POS support to help attract sales.

  • KT Products

    Welcome to our range of products for serving ice cream. We produce our own items, as well as importing some specialised items from the USA, Italy and India.

    We sell a wide variety of products for the service of ice cream. These include:

    • The Wafer Master, which is a traditional tool also known as a slider, sandwich or wafer maker. Unique to KT products.
    • Various types of scoops, spoons and servers
    • Spades and spatulas
    • Water wells for the wet storage of scoops
    • Multi-functional service centre which can be used for washing and sanitizing scoops, pumping sauces or storing condiments
    • Cornet stands or point of sale stands
    • Hot wells for keeping chocolate and other sauces hot

    .. and many more!

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